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At Cycling Projects, we want to make sure that cycling is accessible to all.

Latest news

  • We are excited to announce that 2 Wheels for All events will be coming to the city of Exeter very soon.

    At each event we will be providing a broad range of adapted cycles with support from skilled and experinced staff offering activites to all all abilities and all ages.

    The Wheels for All events will act as an opportunity to engage with the communities to determine the development of a future Wheels for All centre for Exeter. In partnership with RideON we will gradually build mopmentum for the Wheels for All service across the city

  • Wheels for All sessional staff opportunities

    Due to the growth of Wheels for All activities for 2015 across the North West and other regions throughout the country we have a number of sessional opportunities for existing and new Wheels for All cerntres.  If you are interested then please email Ian Tierney - ian.tierney@cycling.org.uk

  • Are you currently supporting individuals /groups who would like the chance to cycle? or perhaps you just want to support exisiting EWheels for All activities across Greater Manchester?

    We are excited to announce through a partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester (TFGM) that there will be 4 regional Wheels for All leadership training courses available in the coming months .